Sally's story

Sally came into the care of Saving Staffies in May 2016 from Muswellbrook Pound. When we took her  to the vet we discovered by her micro-chip, Sally was about 5 years old.

Sally didn't socialise with the other dogs here but was happy to just hang around. We noticed she had anixiety issues and wasn't fully toilet trained.

Recently we had contact with the person who bred her, in Ipswich Queensland 51/2 years ago. We wonder what could have happened to this precious girl from Ipswich to Muswellbrook NSW.... 

We do know that she had had at least one litter.Whether she was used for back yard breeding for those four years we don't know, but it would explain so many of her quirks! 

Sally's final days with us before being adopted, found this lovely girl playing with all the dogs in the pack and attempting to play with the puppies that were here at the time.

Sally finally found her perfect forever home and is in living on the south coast with a lovely retired couple, who are experienced dog people, and who have fallen in love with her and her with them! 


Photos by Ruthless Photography