That's great! You're interested in welcoming a new Staffy into your family!

At Saving Staffies, ensuring each dog finds the perfect home is our top priority. We do things a bit differently to some other rescue organisations - we bring our dogs into home environments through our foster care network (not kennels), so we can assess each dog's unique personality, undertake any training required, and ensure we get to know each dog that we're rehoming. So take a look for your newest family member...


Matching the right doggy to suit your family is our top priority! At any given time we have puppies and adults available for adoption.

You can check out  the latest profiles of dogs available on PetRescue.



We might be biased, but adopting a staffy will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make! Our goal is to ensure you find your perfect new fur-family member and that each dog finds a home that meets their needs. Call us a match-maker, if you will!  

Simply fill out this pre-adoption questionnaire to let us know a bit more about you, your home, and the care you are prepared to provide your new Staffy and we'll be in touch.