Meet Miss Millie

Millie is another rescue dog, saved from Cootamundra Pound who was pregnant when she arrived into rescue.

Saving Staffies gave her a warm bed and a safe and secure home to give birth to her 9 puppies- Chilli, Bella, Chloe, Khalessi, Roxy, Billy, Honey, Rhege & Rosie.

She's a beautiful girl, who gets on well with all dogs, children and adults. She’s also a very cuddly and affectionate wiggly bum, who sometimes thinks she’s a lap dog when she comes over for head scratches! She’s also equally happy enjoying quiet time at home, just dozing in the sun.

Millie was  a young mum – our guess is about 12 – 14 months old. We hope she has a wonderful new life in her forever home, very soon! (as at 11/2016)